How This Works (Usually)

The Typical estate we encounter has a house or apartment full of items accumulated over a long period of time. We will meet with you and look everything over. At that point we can talk about some options.

Since the beginning of 2014, we have been selling most of our liquidation property through an online auction on our auction website, which is  We believe that selling estate property this way is generally in the best interest of the owner. Not only does it generally net the highest proceeds to the owner, it is also completely transparent, and can be watched by family, friends, and anyone else involved.

No two estates are alike, but they all include a wide variety of clothes, household goods, and personal items. At this point you should make sure you have (or we will deliver) the keepsakes and other items you don’t want sold. Then, we will get started organizing, researching, and evaluating the best way to sell the remaining property.

We will take the time to research the specialty and unusual items to determine their value and the best way to market them. If it makes sense to use the premises for an on-site Estate Liquidation Sale, we will get started organizing and staging for the sale. We have everything for a successful sale including tables, signs, pricing-label guns, and everything else to make the sale well organized and run by an experienced and friendly crew. We also have a Quickbooks based accounting system with the ability to accept Mastercard and Visa. This system enables us to give you an accounting of the proceeds.

If, for some reason, we cannot hold the sale at the location of the property (i.e. in a gated community or apartment) we have several facilities we can use for offsite Estate Sales. We will handle all of the logistics, including moving the property.

We will also begin marketing the other property that will not be sold at the Estate Sale. This may involve an E-Bay Auction, a Craigslist Posting, or a live auction. All of the logistics will be handled by us including the photos and all communications.

Again, no two estates are alike so there are always variations. We will take the time to research any item to determine its value, and the best way to market and sell it. We will also determine the best timing for the sale (e.g. boats and RV’s are worth significantly more in May than they are in November). We will also take the time to clean it up, repair it and do anything else we believe needs to be done to maximize the selling price.