How Do Your Fees Work? We will negotiate a commission or flat fee up front as part of our agreement. Typically, this will be a percentage of the sale proceeds. The commission percentage is typically what is standard in the liquidation industry. Fees for other services are negotiated individually, and will always be reasonable.

What If the Estate Includes a Vehicle or RV? We are experienced sellers of a variety of vehicles, and will get the most for them. We have sold cars and trucks, as well as motor homes, travel trailers, and boats. We also have a place to store them for short terms, and will do all of the preparation for sale.

What if the Estate Has a Lot of ‘Junk’ of Little Or No Value? Don’t Throw Anything Away! You would likely be suprised at the value of certain items, like vintage clothing, or antique china. We encourage our customers to not dispose of anything before we get a chance to look it over. We try to throw away as little as possible. Most items we can’t sell will be donated to a local charity. (our preference is the local hospice, or SPCA).

What If There Are Firearms in the Estate Property? We work with a Federal Firearms License Holder (also called an FFL) who can legally transfer firearms. If there are firearms in the estate, we will determine their value and find a buyer for them, most likely online. From that point, the buyer will deal directly with the FFL. The FFL will charge the buyer a small fee to run a background check, and hold the firearm for the 10 day waiting period. The transaction will comply with all federal and state gun laws.

What If you Can’t Hold an Estate Sale Onsite (i.e. a Gated Community or Apartment)? There are several facilities available to us to hold Estate Liquidation Sales. Our favorite is St. John’s Church at 432 Cleveland Street in Woodland, where we hold several sales a year. There are situations where it is beneficial to hold the sale at one of these locations even if it is allowed at the property, such as when the property location is very rural, or there is construction. Plus, the public can be hard on a house, so it saves on cleaning.

What about Sales Taxes? Yes, sales at estate sales are subject to state and local Sales Taxes. We have a resale number and will will report and pay all applicable taxes. We don’t typically add the taxes to sales under $50.00, we just include the tax in the sale price.