Estate Services We Offer

No two estates are alike, and we try to offer a wide variety of services to take care of most needs. Here are the most common estate services we offer:

Researching, Organizing, Staging, and Conducting an On-Site or Off-Site Estate Sale. Typically, these start on Friday morning and end on Sunday afternoon. Whatever is left on Sunday afternoon will either be sold elsewhere, donated to charity (our first choices are the local Hospice, or SPCA, but it is up to the customer), recycled, or hauled to the local landfill. The premises will be left clean and any other repairs or other services will be completed to the customer’s satisfaction. We have the people, tables, pricing guns, cash register systems, credit card readers, signs, and everything else needed to successfully conduct these sales. We will take care of everything, including the advertising and sales taxes, and will deliver a full accounting to you when we are done.

Marketing and Selling of Specialty Items like Antique Furniture, Cars, RV’s, Tools, Collections (i.e. Dolls,  Spoons, Coins, etc.), Firearms, Jewelry, or ??? This is our specialty, and we pride ourselves on our ability to recognize value, and to realize that value in the most effective way. There is no question that certain items bring the most in a well designed E-Bay Auction, others do well on Craigslist, and others do best at a live, well attended auction like a Butterfield Auction in San Francisco. We will match each item to a marketing campaign that will bring the highest price, and we will oversee the sale.

Short Term Storage. We have secure space available as part of our service. Certain items take longer to sell than others, and having this space available helps us avoid situations where valuable items are being sold at a ‘Fire Sale’ because of a tight deadline to have a house cleaned out so it can be sold or rented, or because it isn’t secure.

  • Buy Outs. In situations where the seller is in a hurry to liquidate, we will make a cash offer on everything from an individual item to an entire estate. Our offer will be fair and will enable us to make a reasonable profit.
  • Delivery/Hauling/Moving. We have trucks and trailers available to haul about anything small or large. It is common for an estate to need some form of hauling done whether it is to deliver furniture to family members, clean out a property, or to help move someone from a house to an apartment.
  • Cleaning and Prepping for Sale. We will clean up and do small repairs to real property to help our customers get it ready to sell.
  • Accounting. We can provide as detailed an accounting of the estate as you want. These reports can be tailored for attorneys, accountants, heirs or any other stakeholder.