About Us

We are family owned and operated by Scott and Debbie Mansell. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and background checked by the FBI at least annually. Our business continues to grow through referrals because of our focus on the satisfaction of our customers. We accomplish this by working hard to get the most value out of each estate, by always remaining sensitive to our customer’s needs, and by tailoring our services to each situation. We are not in the business of reselling antiques, cars, RVs,  firearms or anything else that would conflict with the best interests of our customers. We are in the Estate Liquidation Business, and our customers are those in charge of estates. We value our reputation and strongly believe that our mission is to always:

  • Get our customers the highest price for estate assets. This is accomplished by aggressive and creative marketing, and by our ability to conduct successful Estate Liquidation Sales.
  • Remember that this is often a very difficult time for our customers, so be sensitive to their needs. No two estates are the same, so it is important to be flexible with services and timelines.
  • Treat the estate’s assets with the respect they deserve. Many of the estate items were cherished, and will continue to be in the right hands.  Never ‘Fire Sale’ valuable property, just for the sake of getting rid of it as quickly as possible.  Always take the time to research specialty items to determine how to get the most value.
  • Never forget that we are in the People Business. Always be accessible to our customers. Communication is extremely important, so phone calls, e-mails, and other inquiries will always be returned promptly. Always be courteous and responsive, and take the time to talk with everyone involved, including family, neighbors, friends, accountants, attorneys, and of course the buyers at our Estate Liquidations and other Sales.

Our crew consists of up to 12 people, all of whom are experienced, professional, and trustworthy.  We also have multiple contacts and a variety of resources to help us determine the value of  just about anything.